More about me….

I was born and raised in Southern California and led the typical city life.  My family didn’t really go camping together unless I was with my Aunt & Uncle in Northern California. We were more of the Beach and Baseball type of family.  After graduating from high school, I was accepted to California State University, Long Beach where I obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting.  After graduation, I began my accounting career at Ernst & Young in Long Beach.  I learned a lot as a staff accountant and was happy that it was the foundation to my career in accounting.  From there I moved on and worked at a few private companies.  It was at this time that my then-fiancée and I were ready to buy our first home.  We were not happy with the home prices in Southern California and toyed with the idea of moving to Nevada.  After all, he had a job opportunity waiting for him and his best friend lived in Nevada.  Being a SoCal girl, I wasn’t entirely sure…but after visiting the area, we made our decision to leave the big city life behind.

Luckily, my fiancée already had a job prospect in Nevada and once we made our decision to look outside of California, I started my job search.  I submitted a resume to a small firm in Carson City, NV and after the in-person interview, I was hired on the spot.  With one more trip up to the area to house shop, we were soon in escrow and after both of us secured new employment, we were residents of Nevada within a matter of 6 weeks!  I also believe that when the stars align as it did for us, it’s meant to be!

Photo Courtesy

Carson Valley

The Beautiful Carson Valley

Coming to Nevada opened up a whole new world of outdoor adventure.  Who knew that this city girl would absolutely LOVE the snow?!  Even after 12 years in Nevada, I still marvel at the mountains and the beauty that surrounds us every day. This is really where we fell in love with camping and after a few years of camping in Nevada, plus a few bear raids and lectures from my parents to keep their grandson safe, we invested in a travel trailer.  What a fabulous amenity to have a refrigerator out in the woods to keep our drinks cold!


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