Camping Recipes Part 2

Camping season is getting so close and I can’t wait to try some new recipes!  I’ve been scouring the web and have come across a few that are making it to my “must-try” list.  I thought I’d share that list with you today!

Breakfast:  One method I came across was something called “campfire bacon”.  You simply thread your bacon slices onto a skewer and cook over an open fire.  Sounds great!  I just need to remember to bring skewers with me when camping!  Also, threading the bacon onto the skewers ahead of time is a possibility to help save some prep time when at the campsite.  Pair it with  hash browns and eggs and I will have a happy family!  The second idea is called an Idaho Sunrise.  I like this idea because your breakfast is already in the hollowed out potato shell!  I can also see mixing it up with different breakfast meats inside and even a Mexican version! We have a few fellow campers that are gluten-free and this looks like a great recipe to accommodate their dietary needs!

Lunch: OH MAN…Campfire Chili Cheese Fries!  These look really good and I can already imagine these becoming a big hit with the kids and teens that are usually in our group!  Recipe is simple enough and again, this is a gluten free option.  Best part of this recipe is NO DISHES!

Dinner:  Again, this campfire version of a Philly cheese steak looks amazing!  For the picky eaters, you could even make a version of this without the peppers and onions and please everyone all at once!  I think this would be a great main dish served alongside some German Potato Salad made by my friend Lindsay.

Dessert:  I stumbled across this easy dessert idea and it looks great!  Everyone can make their own variety with a few different pie fillings.  They are called Campfire Pies and it looks like the only equipment needed are sandwich irons.  I see a Nutella pie in my future!

I hope you like what I’ve got cooking this summer!  Let me know if you have ever made anything like this or have an idea that I need to try!  Please share!

Happy camping!





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