Campground Review: Indian Creek Reservoir

Well, what can I say about Indian Creek Reservoir?  We have camped here numerous times and have enjoyed it each and every time!  Located in Alpine County just off Highway 89, it is between Woodfords, CA and Markleeville, CA.  This site is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and it includes a fully developed campground, restrooms with toilets and hot showers, a dump station and a boat ramp.  This is a relatively primitive campground, but it’s so close to us and so easy to get to, that we have camped here many times.  There is an area designated for tents and a larger loop that accommodates trailers.  There are 10 tent sites available and 19 more available in the loop.

The camp hosts are always friendly and often check in to visit the guests and make sure that they have everything they need.  They also usually sell firewood in years when we are allowed to actually make a fire.  The facilities are kept in good condition and the camp site fees are very good.  There are  many things to in the area with the most popular items being fishing, boating and hiking.  I can tell you that it’s very fun to fish out on the reservoir and has been the site of my husband and I’s fishing competition…where I won of course!

Indian Creek is also the same place where we have had lots of exciting bear activity!

When camping there, you must definitely use the bear lockers to store any coolers or food.  You can also see coyotes, porcupines, chipmunks, squirrels and mule deer.  But let’s also not forget the frogs and snakes.  I clearly remember going into the shower facilities with my son, who was probably 4 at the time.  We placed all of our shampoo and conditioner and toiletries inside the shower and turned on the water.  I turn around to close the shower curtain and THREE frogs were clinging to the shower curtain.  I screamed and pretty much froze in place.  There was no way that I was going to shower in that bathroom.  I sent my poor kid back in there to retrieve our toiletries and he was so brave to get them for me!  A nice lady who came into the facility was brave enough to grab all the frogs from the curtain and place them outside so we could shower!  That is something that I’ll never forget!  No matter what adventures we encounter at our many camp trips, something is always memorable.  We continue to come back to this place and I’m sure we will be there again in the future.

Have you had any exciting animal adventures?  Please share!

Happy camping!




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