Wolf Pack! A Tailgating Review

Before moving to Nevada many moons ago, my husband and I went to school at California State University, Long Beach.  Although I LOVED my college (GO BEACH!), we didn’t have a football team, so I often felt cheated in my tailgating experiences!  Since moving to Nevada, we try to make it to a few Wolf Pack games each season.  Since our camping buddies usually hit the games with us, we got the idea to try and tailgate at a University of Nevada, Reno football game.  And last year we finally did it!

Tailgating is generally free to do at UNR and there are usually lots of areas to play bags, have a BBQ and have some drinks.  The games are a lot of fun!  In order to reserve space to bring a trailer, you need to call the number that is found at the Game Day Guide site and actually pay for trailer sites.   My friend Jamie was nice enough to book space for 3 trailers and found out that we were allowed to set up our trailers the night before the game.  Each trailer cost us about $75 for a tailgating spot.  We had tickets for a Saturday football game, so we all rolled out on Friday night to our designated spots in the parking lot behind the baseball stadium.  If you are taking your trailer to a tailgate, I highly recommend getting there early as the lot gets crowded and I can’t imagine trying to back in amongst all that chaos.  Luckily we were pretty early getting in there and had lots of room to maneuver around and park in our allotted spaces.  It was really nice to make a U-shaped area with our trailers and actually got a little bit of privacy.  This also helped to corral the kids in our camp.  The only issues we encountered were parking pass issues and that was eventually resolved.

The next day we enjoyed hanging out before the game by grilling up some food.  At game time is was so nice to just walk over to Mackay Stadium and enjoy the football game.  Making it even better was a Wolf Pack win!  After the game, we made our way back to our trailers to the sounds of the Wolf Pack howls….it was awesome!  All the tailgaters were friendly and nice and would visit each campsite getting to know each other.  We stayed up and made some more food and really enjoyed the experience.  The next morning, it was amazing how quickly things were packed up and how emptied out the lot was!  I enjoyed the tailgating experience and look forward to doing it in the future…especially now that I’m truly part of the Pack!

Have you ever tailgated at a football game?  Please share…I would love to hear about it!

Happy camping!



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