Selecting the right trailer for you!

I laugh at the title of this blog, because when we purchased our trailer, we had no idea what we were doing or what kind of trailer was the ideal choice for us!  I do know that we had an acquaintance that was selling her trailer and that my husband had always wanted a tent trailer.  The stars aligned and next thing we knew we were the owners of a 2008 Forest River Rockwood Roo 21SS.  We also knew that our first trailer was going to be a used one because that’s the one we would raise our kid in and “practice” being trailer owners.  We figured we would get many years out of this used trailer and when the time is right, invest in an upgrade!  Our Rockwood Roo is 8 years old now and I still don’t feel like I want an upgrade…I love our little home away from home!  But when I see the pictures of what is out there online now and how nice everything looks (like the snazzy new Roo picture below)…I just might be convinced to bite the bullet one day!  Below is a quick summary of the types of trailers that are out there!  There is definitely something for everyone.

POP UP CAMPERS:  These are also referred to as tent trailers and are very lightweight.  Most any vehicle can tow one of these, so having a large truck isn’t necessary.  They usually have the bare necessities and not all the frills that a big trailer will have.  To select the one that’s right for you, you need to figure out how many people will be sleeping and eating in it.

TRAVEL TRAILERS:  Travel trailers range in size from 12 feet up to 40 feet.  I would not want to be backing in something that large!  These types of trailers have it all…you probably won’t be missing much from home in one of these new types of trailers.  The larger ones need a vehicle that has the correct towing capacity.  Make sure you have the right vehicle before setting your sights on a particular trailer.  There are many variations of travel trailers, some have queen beds, others have bunk beds and they may or may not have a slide out.  It all depends on what you are looking for, how many people you need to accommodate and whether you want more living space or need more sleeping space.  The luxury of some of these new trailers is insane!  Our trailer is technically a hybrid travel trailer as we have the tent fold down beds.


FIFTH WHEEL TRAILERS:  Fifth wheel trailers have all the same variety and options as a travel trailer, with the key difference being how it’s towed.  This makes for easy towing and better handling.  One key characteristic is that the master bedroom is up in front.


MINI MOTORHOMES:  Mini motorhomes are campers that you can drive.  No need to worry about having a vehicle to tow your trailer with this option.  Many drivers feel comfortable with this option because it feels like you are driving a van or SUV.  Sizes range from 20 to 35 feet long.  Again, there are many options, layouts and features to choose from with this type of model.


CLASS A MOTORHOMES:  These are the big boys at the RV parks!  Sizes range from 28 feet to 40 feet and can have multiple slide outs.  These are the Titanics of the trailers and can cost a small fortune depending on the lifestyle that you want to lead!  These are the motorcoaches that retired couples sell their homes for and purchase one of these to travel the USA.  Most of these large luxury motorhomes have a diesel pusher engine at the rear of the coach and is more economical for the couple or family that travel many miles a year.


So which one are you interested in or what kind do you have?  Please share!

Happy Camping!








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