Getting ready!

This past weekend I convinced my husband to de-winterize the trailer.  I’m hoping that if the trailer is ready to go, that an impromptu camping trip is in my future when my college courses are over for the semester!  Crossing my fingers!

Anyhow, I decided to document how we de-winterize our trailer and will briefly talk about the steps that we took to prep the trailer.  My classmate, Jeff, also discussed this topic on his blog as well and I will refer to his steps, in case we missed a step this weekend!

WATER LINES:  The first thing we did was to remove the water filter housing unit and dump the anti-freeze liquid that we put in when we were done with camping season.  This helps prevent the water lines from freezing and bursting over the winter.  We then replaced the housing unit and filled it with water so that it is primed and ready for when we run the water.

Next up we needed to ensure that the water heater’s drain plug was fully closed before hooking up to our water source.  You need to make sure the water heater element is secured in the hot water unit.  My husband also added a new coat of teflon tape to make sure that it gets a good seal when screwing it in.

Now it’s time to fill the tanks!  We hooked the hose up to the trailer and began filling it up. We opened up the hot water valve and turned on the water pump to begin circulating the clean water through the lines to flush out the anti-freeze.  We prefer to run a full tank of water through the trailer to be sure it’s all cleaned out even though we never really drink water from the faucet in our trailer.  Once you’ve filled the lines, the pump should automatically stop running.  If the pump continues to run intermittently, quickly check all of your lines because that probably means you have a leak….like we did!  It never fails that at the start of the season, we have one small leak!  It’s easy to fix though, just attach it back to where it came loose from and you are back in business.


BATTERIES: The next step is to place your batteries back on the trailer.  We keep them on a charger over the winter so that they don’t go bad.  This helps preserve the life of your batteries.  We then plugged in our trailer and tested it over the weekend and everything looked great!

MISC: The last few steps include checking the tires and taking them for air if needed.  We also take the trailer to the sewer dump to have an empty tank for our first trip and to dump the water that we filled it with when de-winterizing.  Also, make sure all the lights work and there are no minor repairs that need to be done.

SPRING CLEANING:  We do a good thorough cleaning and re-stocking of supplies before we head out for the summer.  Nice to know that we have everything we need all ready to go and it gets me excited for the summer.  Once the trailer is fully cleaned, we usually have a camp-out in our driveway because our son is so excited to sleep in it!  I can’t blame him, because I get excited too!

What do your steps include in getting your trailer ready?  Did I miss a step?

Happy camping!




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