Helpful Trailer Organization

The first year that we had our trailer, I felt very disorganized and wasn’t quite sure how to make our trailer more efficient and organized.  I needed to figure out our routine of where I wanted stuff to be stored to easily access what I wanted and when I wanted it.  I also noticed several areas that were essentially wasted space in our trailer that could be used to help us organize.

The first thing I did was run to Wal-Mart and get the Command Adhesive Utility Hooks.  These things are awesome and can be put anywhere!  I have several near each side of our mattresses to use as sweatshirt/jacket hooks and I also have some on the inside of the bathroom door to hang towels.  They are a cheap way to get junk off the bed and couch and keeps the trailer looking tidy!

command hooks

Photo Credit: Wal-Mart


Again, same idea…I purchased the smaller hooks from the Command line of products and we placed these right by the front door for an easy place to hang the truck keys, trailer keys, hitch keys, etc.  Very useful to keep them in sight…I know it is very easy to lose things out in the wild.  We also have used these hooks to hang sunglasses to keep them from getting scratched and/or squished!

Another cheap item that I purchased for the trailer was a set of magnetic chip clips.  I actually love this idea because they are stuck to the hood of my stove-top area.  It’s nice to have them near where we store our chips and no matter how bumpy the road to the campsite is, they stay put. When not in use, I’ve clipped our campsite information up there as well as cocktail recipes and camp meal lists.  The only hard part is remembering to leave them in the trailer!

The last organization tip that I have has to do with the large vertical storage space that we have in our trailer (see snapshot of inside of trailer).  It is a tall, long space that I was never entirely sure what to do with it.   I’m sure some campers use it as closet and I know that we have used it to store trash bags and cleaning supplies such as a broom and dustpan, but I was never really satisfied with our use of such a large space.  My friend gave me the idea to use a simple 3-tier shelf that you would find in the bathroom storage section at your local Wal-Mart.  After finding a shelf that had dimensions that could work, I tried it out and have been pretty happy with it.  I now use that area to store paper plates, napkins and miscellaneous snacks that my kid can reach!


Vertical storage space where I put the shelving


Photo Credit: Wal-Mart

What are some of your organizational tips?  I would love to hear what you put in that vertical storage space!!  Please share!

Happy camping!




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