Campground Review: Topaz Lake

Topaz Lake is a reservoir located off Highway 395 on the Nevada-California border and is about 20 minutes south of Gardnerville, NV.  Topaz Lake is popular for fishing and boating and each year has a fishing derby on New Years Day!  The lake is stocked by the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  I have seen some pretty big fish come out of that lake, but none by us!

A group of us went camping a few years back and initially, I was not sure about it because what I knew of Topaz was that there were very few trees….and I absolutely love camping in the trees.  So I was sceptical.

We camped at the Topaz Lake Recreation Area which is managed by Douglas County, NV. I also have seen that there is another place to camp called Topaz Lake RV Park but I have not camped at that location.  To camp at the Topaz Lake Recreation Area, you can reserve a site by calling the phone numbers provided on the website.  The site has 15 reservable sites with water and power and 13 non-reservable sites with water only.  The recreation area also has 42 dry campsite.  This recreation area has a boat ramp close by, toilets and showers.  That pretty much sums up the amenities that this place has to offer, but if you have everything you need in your trailer, you don’t need much else!


Terrain around the RV spots

Overall, the campsite was decent…it had lots of gravel and it seemed like a concrete jungle, but we still had a good time.  I really liked that it was a short walk from the trailers to get down to the lake where we set up our camp chairs and enjoyed the sun!  The kids loved playing in the water all day and our sunburns let us know when it was time to take a break!  A word of caution, there are rattlesnakes in the area and after the ranger eradicated the unlucky snake, a camper in our group was lucky enough to get to keep the tail.  Needless to say she was rattling the tail all weekend as her camping treasure!

I would definitely consider going back to camp at Topaz Lake, especially for the fact that it’s a quick escape when we only have a short weekend to camp.

lake view

View of the lake

Have you ever been to Topaz Lake?  What did you think?  Please share!

Happy Camping!




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