Custom Camping Accessories

I don’t know about you, but anything that I can customize makes the item that much cuter!  After camping in my trailer for several years now, we pretty much have all that we need.  But there are always little “extras” that we see when we are out and about to upgrade our current gear.  Some of the personalized or custom items that we have purchased are discussed below!

Personalized Double Duty Caddy from Thirty One Gifts:  I recently decided to purchase this item because of all the group meals that we have when we go camping.  I think it’s a neat, organized way to take all of the “fine china” out to the buffet area.  I plan on loading it up with paper plates, napkins, salt, pepper and there are even side pockets for utensils.  I think this is going to be a great way to set the table and I love that I won’t have “dish duty” when using this item!  This item will cost you $25 plus personalization.

New customized caddy

Personalized Oh-Snap Bins:  I purchased two of these last year to hold our utensils in the overhead storage compartments in our trailer and I also bring them out to the group meal table during meal time.  I’ve also seen these used in the bathroom to organize toiletries, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc.  Although I think these are super cute, I wish they were a little more sturdy and didn’t slouch so much.  I’m hoping that the company’s next version of these will be a bit sturdier.  These bins cost $10 each, plus personalization costs.

oh snap

Photo Credit: Thirty-One Gifts

The last item that I will discuss today is a custom camp sign that I personally hand painted!  My camping gal pals and I decided to have a craft night, which conveniently included some cocktails and we each painted a custom camping sign.  We trolled through pinterest and once we found the design we wanted, we each brought a piece of wood and got to painting.  We used basic crafting paint that I had at home and once the artwork was dry, I drilled holes on the top and added some knotted rope.  We definitely never claimed to be artists, but I was pretty happy with the way that my custom camping sign turned out!

Some of my original possibilities

And here’s what I ended up with!

campfire sign

Look how cute my sign looks!


Have I given you any ideas on how to customize your camping experience?  What have you customized?  Please share!

Photo Credit for Collage

Happy Camping!



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