Now what?! A new camping hobby

If anyone has a young kid, you know that’s the question that is asked as soon as there is an idle moment.  “Mom, I’m bored…now what can we do?”  Kids aren’t known for just relaxing, reading a book and enjoying the quiet time as adults like to do.  This is especially true for parents with an only child, as is our case.  We love having an only child, but that just means that he doesn’t have siblings to play with and that his companions are mom and dad, so we continually have to have things planned or think of fun things to do.

Of course, when camping we have the standard items that we bring with us to keep our little man busy.  They include the following:  bike, scooter, electric scooter, jump rope, a small bin of toys, homework if we are camping during the school year, and the always favorite iPad.  But this past year, we started a hobby that our 7-year-old absolutely loves and that is GEOCACHING!

Geocaching, as I like to put it, is an outdoor scavenger hunt where you use your GPS or cell phone to find the locations and/or coordinates.  Once you find the cache, you log it in to the app (which posts a smiley face on every one you find) and sign your name on the paper log that can be found in the cache container.  Caches come in all different sizes and containers (see image below) and we have tried to find many where we were ultimately unsuccessful, but that’s part of the fun too.   My son’s favorite caches are the ones where you can take knickknacks and leave one behind.  Most are little treasures (or oddities), but to a kid, it is so cool!  I get more joy out of watching him find one of these and write his name down than anything else! That’s pretty much all there is to it!


Screenshot of the Geocaching app

On one of our group camping trips to Graeagle, our friends brought along someone who was an avid geocacher and she showed us the ropes and got us hooked!  We eventually convinced everyone to go on a geocaching outing one afternoon and we had the best time!  This is a hobby that we will always try to do each time we are out camping!

Have you tried geocaching?  Download the app and you will be amazed at how many are near you!  Please share with me your geocaching stories, I would love to hear it!


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