Camping Top 5

After posting my latest campground review, I started thinking about my dream camping destinations.  I know of several places that are relatively close to the area that we have not yet ventured to.  Today, I decided to make a “Top 5” of places that I want to go in the near future!  I’m hoping I can get some of these off the list over the next two summers.

1.  Yosemite National Park

As someone who collects National Park Passport Stamps, I’ve always wanted to go to Yosemite and I can’t believe that I haven’t gone yet considering it’s so close!  I’m definitely going to take a look at my calendar and plan an adventure that way.  Part of my delay has been the fact that I’ve heard it’s VERY busy there and VERY hard to get reservations….but I’m not going to let that stop me!  There is something about that beautiful valley that I just need to see in person.  Located in central California, Yosemite was established in 1890 and has four million visitors a year.  Some of the popular sights to see include the Yosemite Valley and El Capitan, the world’s tallest granite monolith and one of the world’s top rock climbing destinations.  Other sites include Yosemite Falls, Giant Sequoia trees and Half Dome.

Half dome

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2.  Convict Lake, CA

Located in Mono County, down Highway 395 at the base of Mount Morrison, Convict Lake is a picturesque lake that offers horseback riding, fishing, camping and hiking.  When I was touring the Nevada State Prison in Carson City, NV last year, I learned that the lake was named after prison inmates escaped the prison, fled to the lake area and battled their way out with a shootout.  The history of this place is just another reason to check out this beautiful area!

convict lake

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3.  Redwood National Park, CA

The Redwoods are currently managed by the National Park Service and California State Parks and includes 40 miles of coastline in addition to the “Tall Trees”.  Located in northernmost coastal California, it is 325 miles north of San Francisco.  In addition to the beautiful redwood forest, other attractions include scenic drives, Pacific Ocean overlooks and the Avenue of the Giants.  Redwood National State Park is also recognized as a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve because it’s resources are considered irreplaceable.  This is truly a gem that I must get to!


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4.  Big Sur, California

Big Sur holds a very special place in my heart as my husband proposed to me on the beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.  Located on Highway 1 in Big Sur, the area is in Monterey County, which includes the city of Monterey and Carmel.  The area features redwoods, oaks, amazing granite cliffs and many choices for camp sites.  Temperatures are pretty mild in this area and if camping here, I would definitely bring a lot of layers.  In addition to camping, there is hiking, the gorgeous beaches and if planned correctly, whale watching as well!

big sur

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5.  Cannon Beach, OR

Beautiful beaches are the focal point of this area of Oregon and this is precisely why it has been named “one of The World’s 100 Most Beautiful Places” by National Geographic Magazine.  The iconic Haystack Rock is the landmark that most people would recognize when visiting the area.  Located on the coast, west of Portland, it would be a trek to camp here (approximately a 12 hour drive), but definitely worth it in my book!  In addition to the beaches and natural landmarks, there are charming little towns to explore, wildlife to see and lots of relaxing to do!  I bet you can also get a great bowl of clam chowder near by!


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Now that you have seen my Top 5…what are yours??  Please share!

Happy Camping!




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