Campground Review: Annett’s Mono Village, Twin Lakes, CA


Photo Credit: Annett’s Mono Village

I could tell as I was driving towards gorgeous granite mountain peaks that I was headed somewhere beautiful.  It was October 2015 and it was our last camping trip of the season.  We had selected Twin Lakes as our final trip of the year because we had never been camping towards the Bridgeport area and we wanted to take advantage of the lake access and take our little dinghy out for some fishing.  Besides, we had heard a lot about Twin Lakes and knew of so many people that camp there and love it…. we also knew it was known for its curious bears!

But WOW…Twin Lakes is BEAUTIFUL!

We decided to take our trailers to Twin Lakes and camp at Annett’s Mono Village, which is located on Upper Twin Lakes.  This was our first venture to this campground and probably won’t be our last.  The first item to note about this campground is that there are NO reservations, which can often be difficult for campers who like to camp in groups, especially if you are camping in the height of camping season.  We had felt pretty sure that there would be enough space to accommodate three trailers since we were technically camping in the “off season” in October.  We drove down there after work on a Friday night and got there right at dusk.  We quickly found campsites that looked suitable and secured our camp area.  You pay for your site upon check-in, but since we arrived after hours, we dropped off our envelope to the camp host first thing in the morning.

Annett’s Mono Village does have several hook-up campsites, all of which seemed to be reserved for the whole season.  Additionally, upon seeing the hook-up areas the next day in broad daylight, I would prefer not to be in that section.  Many of the spots were crammed right next to each other and I think I would feel as if I was intruding on someone’s summer home!  Our group settled on normal, non-hook-up sites and even though the sites were much more primitive than we were used to, it worked fine for the weekend.  I’ve come to the conclusion that even though I do have my preferences on what I like to have when camping, I find that once I’m there, I don’t really care!

As mentioned earlier, Annett’s has a lot of amenities to offer in addition to camping and fishing.  They have a very impressive tackle and bait shop as well as dock slips for you to dock your boat during your stay and they even offer boat rentals.   They have cabins available to rent as well as the following onsite amenities: fully stocked grocery store, ATM machine, café, cocktail lounge and a very stocked gift shop!  Around the grounds, we found places to ride bikes, a large lawn area, BBQ’s, picnic tables and clean shower & bathroom facilities.  Annett’s Mono Village pretty much has everything you need right there on site.

We loved the fact that we could dock our boat all weekend and walk to our campsite.  It was so convenient to be fishing on the lake and when we wanted to take a break from the sun and hang out at our campsite, we would just walk on “home”

I would say it was an eventful weekend!  We caught 3 fish that weekend, had many deer come right up to us at camp and had that bear sighting we were hoping for when a large bear strolled right through camp.  That same bear also managed to get my friend’s cooler that night too!

I know that we will definitely be back to Annett’s Mono Village now that we know what to expect and would recommend it to others.  I also know that there are lots more in the area to check out and we will also try other campgrounds and RV resorts near Twin Lakes.  Twin Lakes is too beautiful to pass up!

Do you think you will try camping in the area?  Is there another spot in that area that I should check out?  Please share!

Happy Camping!



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