Bottoms Up! Favorite camp cocktails

Camping with my group of friends is definitely a lot of fun.  We are all family focused and have professional careers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good drink at the campsite.  I’m known for always trying a new recipe and sharing with my gal pals during each camp trip.  Yes, most of these drinks below are geared toward the ladies, but it doesn’t mean we don’t (or won’t) share with the men!

And without further delay, let’s talk drinks!

As mentioned before, we tend to do group meals, which also leads into group drinks!  When I have been in charge of the group breakfast, the accompanying camp cocktails are usually:  Bloody Mary’s for the men and spiked iced coffees for the ladies.  These are always a big hit!


Drink Buffet

Spiked Iced Coffee:  To make this breakfast drink, we use the store bought Starbucks brand of iced coffee and pour it over ice.  Add Cinnabon flavored vodka (such as Pinnacle brand) and a splash of Coffee-mate Sweet Cream creamer to taste.  Bottoms up!





After a hot day at the campsite, there is nothing more refreshing than a cold drink.  Usually the men are throwing back some beers, or Micheladas, and playing a game of bags.  This is about the time that I mix up a drink for the ladies.  One of the most popular ones that I’ve made is again using the Pinnacle brand of Vodka.  This recipe is definitely worth a try.



Photo Credit: Pinnacle Vodka

1 PART Pinnacle® Whipped Vodka

1 PART Orange Juice

1 PART Pineapple Juice

Muddled Strawberries

Mix ingredients and serve over ice.



This past summer our group was into trying out different shot recipes.  While the kids cooked s’mores, the adults would try a different kind of dessert.  By far the best one has been the White Russian Pudding Shot.  These are very good and quickly disappear!  Just be sure to have enough!

White Russian Pudding Shots

pudding shot

Photo Credit:

1 cup milk

1/2 cup Bailey’s liqueur

1/2 cup vodka

1 package chocolate pudding mix

Whisk together all ingredients until blended.  Spoon the mixture into disposable party cups and freeze overnight.  Enjoy!

Now have I tempted you into trying one of these delicious concoctions?  What drink do you think you will try or what is your favorite party cocktail?  Please share!

Happy Camping!





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