Getting Started & Supplies Lists

I imagine that for anyone who buys a trailer, and I’m sure there are exceptions to this, you know how to camp and you love to camp. So, you know the type of supplies and things that you need to have a good camp trip (according to your personal standards).  After we purchased our trailer, we discovered that there were TONS more supplies that we needed to buy…. because of course, we had so much more room!  And a fridge and a bathroom!  And I’ll be honest, the first year was expensive to buy all of the exterior components (think trailer hitch, new battery, new tires for the trailer, tire covers, leveling blocks, etc., etc.) AND all of the interior items (pots, pans, dishes, towels, blankets, toiletries, etc.) that we needed to make it our mini-home.  Luckily, we had our old set of pots and pans in the garage that worked perfectly as our camping cookware and we also raided the linen closet for old towels and sheets that would be our “camping linen”.  Let me tell you,  Camping World and our local Wal-Mart were our new best friends.

Since we were new to the trailer camping world, I found that keeping a pad of paper and a pen in the trailer for our first few outings really came in handy to jot down items that came to mind as I realized that we didn’t exactly have everything that we needed. After returning home from each camp trip, I would put those items on my shopping list and be sure to add them to the trailer for the next time.  Over time, we found our rhythm and groove and there was less and less that we needed to add to the inside of the trailer.  Now when we go camping, I do a quick review of toiletries and supplies that are in there and it’s basically a matter of packing up our meals and clothes.  We have found that we do take a lot more junk camping with us now, which my husband complains about each time we pack up the truck, but it is awesome to have everything we need to make our camp trips awesome and comfortable.  Plus, when you have a 7-year-old kid, we need bikes, scooters, helmets, toys and more….so, so, so much more.

To make our first initial stocking up of items easier, and after talking to my friend Priscilla, she shared with me a checklist that she had created. What’s great about this checklist is that it’s an excel sheet and you can tailor it to what you need for each particular camping trip.  I’ve also added on a typical grocery shopping list to the second tab, since our family tends to make the same type of meals when camping (more on that in future posts) and we like to have our standard staples.  Please feel free to download the excel sheet for yourself and customize to your needs!


So, after checking out my checklist, what do you think is missing from the camping list?? What would you add on there that is considered your “must-have”?  I’d love to hear it!

What’s Ahead: All-Time Favorite Camping Meals

Happy Camping!



3 thoughts on “Getting Started & Supplies Lists

  1. Growing up I camped a LOT. It seemed like our trailer loadout would change based on where we were going whether it was dirt biking in the sand dunes or camping at yellowstone. All i know is that you can never have enough games! cool post!

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  2. We always bring solar lights with us. We have several of the kind that stake into the ground to create little pathways. These are also great for placing near tent stakes sticking out of the ground (so people don’t trip on them in the dark). We also bring several strings of solar powered white christmas lights, which we string around the awning of the RV and/or along the edges of our large shade structure (when we decide to bring it along). Great post, and thanks for the spreadsheet!

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